General Information

The ComeIn software application is intended to do both a structural design analysis and a check of parts of masonry and reinforced masonry structures for compliance with SNiP II-22-81. The design forces are assumed to comply with loads defined by SNiP 2.01.07-85* [44]; the same document is also a basis for design stress combination rules implemented by the software. The application always uses design values of the loads; this is what the user should specify.

The ComeIn software application is based on documents related to SNiP II-22-81 and a previous edition of the design code, namely: Reference manual on design of masonry and reinforced masonry structures (supplement to SNiP II-22-81), Guide to design of masonry and reinforced masonry structures (supplement to SNiP II-V.2-71), Recommendations on reinforcing of masonry parts of structures, Designer’s reference manual on masonry and reinforced masonry structures, a book by Vakhnenko, СП 427.1325800.2018.

The elements to be checked include centrally and eccentrically loaded columns of various cross-sections in their plan; masonry lintels — coursed, Dutch, and arched; ferroconcrete summer beams; exterior and interior walls of buildings including or not including apertures; basement walls.

Along with common strength check and stability of parts, there is a check of local strength in places where beams, girders, and other similar elements are supported by walls and posts.

The check applies both to undamaged structural parts and to those which have cracks in their masonry and fire damage caused by high temperature.

Another subject of checking is a load-bearing ability of centrally and eccentrically loaded elements reinforced by steel hoops and of walls weakened by additional apertures.

Also, the application does a detailed check of places where beams, slabs, and trusses are supported on masonry (sometimes reinforced masonry) walls or posts. The strength of hanging walls is checked in areas where the foundation beams lie on fixed supports.

Along with all the listed functionality, the ComeIn application is partly a reference manual with which you can check some actual data related to materials, recommendations of SNiP II-22-81, estimates of intensity and nature of damage in constructions. There are special reference modes for this purpose (see below). Some dialog boxes use the image\ebx_-1068461429.jpg button to display additional reference manual information.