General Information

Consul enables you to create arbitrary sections and calculate their geometric properties on the basis of the solid rods theory.

The program operates in the MS Windows environment and does not require any special computer configuration. User interface elements do not differ from the majority of other programs operating in the Windows environment.

For the designed section Consul determines:

The geometric properties are always calculated considering the section as continuous, neglecting the ductility of connecting grates and/or plates.

It should be noted that in case of a section with equal moments of inertia (Iy = Iz) the angle α is undefined. The axes shown on the screen are to some extent accidental, since in the considered case the ellipse of inertia degenerates into a circle of inertia (iy = iz = iu = iv), so any orthogonal couple of the centroidal axes can be considered as the principal one.

The calculation of geometric properties is not the end in itself. It is assumed, that the calculation results will be used during the further analysis of the stress-strained state, in particular, when specifying the initial data in any program of the structural calculation. Moreover, the program can be used to calculate the stiffness properties of buildings and structures and their elements. Consul enables to obtain the fields of normal stresses if the internal forces in the section have been specified.