General Information

The KUST reference program has been developed by the SCAD Soft company and makes part of the SCAD Office system. It is designed for solving a certain class of mechanics problems for which there exist analytical or sufficiently accurate approximate solutions that can be found in the relevant literature.

Though the majority of these problems can be solved with the help of the SCAD product, using the KUST program makes it possible to obtain a solution without creating design models. Moreover, some of the obtained results can be used to specify initial data when building a finite-element model (e.g., effective length factors, estimation of natural frequencies, etc.).

All problems that can be solved by this program can be classified into the following categories:

The formulation of most of the considered problems is clear and quite simple. Therefore, this reference manual provides only their brief statements, the list of the required initial data, and the results to be obtained by solving them. More detailed information can be found in the references given in the end of each section.