Main Window

When the application is started, the first thing that appears on the screen is its main window with a set of buttons for selecting a working mode.

Design codes can be selected from the respective list. Information on the selected code is displayed in the bottom left corner of the active mode window. If the selected design code is SP 50-101-2004, then it will be automatically changed to SP 50-102-2003 for the pile analysis. If the selected design code is DBN B.2.1-10-2009, then the analyses of piles and of the pile field tests will be performed according to DBN B.2.1-10-2009 and DSTU B B.2.1-27:2010 respectively.


The modes are invoked by corresponding buttons and can be either reference (included in the Information group) or design (included in the Analysis group).

The Information group includes the following modes:

Ultimate Soil Deformations— enables to browse limit values of the relative difference of settlements, tilt, and an average or maximum settlement for various types of structures given in Annex 4 of SNiP 2.02.01-83* (Annex F of SP 50-101-2004, Annexes E, G, L of SP 22.13330.2011, Annexes G, E, K SP 22.13330.2016  or Annex I of DBN B.2.1-10-2009);

Design Soil Resistance — presents information on the design resistance of various kinds of soils given in Annex 3 of SNiP 2.02.01-83* (Annex A of SP 50-101-2004, Annex C of SP 22.13330.2011, Annex F of DBN B.2.1-10-2009);

Soil Properties — presents information given in Annex 1 of SNiP 2.02.01-83* (Annex D of SP 50-101-2004, Annex  B of SP 22.13330.2011, Annex  A of SP 22.13330.2016, Annex C of DBN B.2.1-10-2009);

Service Factors — provides information from Table 3 of SNiP 2.02.01-83* (Table. 5.2 of SP 50-101-2004, Table 5.4 of SP 22.13330, Table F.7 of DBN B.2.1-10-2009).

The Foundations group contains the following modes:

Foundation Tilt — determines the tilt of a rectangular foundation caused by loads acting on it;

Foundation Settlement — performs the deformation analysis of subsoil under pad and strip foundations, rectangular in their plane, and rigid slabs;

Subsoil Parameters — determination of the stiffness parameters of the subsoil consisting of a finite number of layers, each layer being linearly deformable and having a constant thickness;

Ultimate Pressure in the Deformation Analysis — calculates the ultimate pressure under the foundation base (design resistance of soil).

The Piles group includes two information modes — Service Factors for Piles and Nomenclature of Piles, together with the following design modes:

Load-Bearing Capacity of Pile — calculates the load-bearing capacity of a pile subjected to a vertical load;

Pile Analysis — calculates the stability factor of safety of the subsoil, the minimal and maximal bending moment and the shear force in a given section of the pile, and some other pile characteristics;

Settlement of the Pile — calculates the settlement of a pile subjected to a vertical load.

The Pile Field Tests group consists of:

Dynamic Testing of Piles — calculation of the load-bearing capacity of piles obtained from the dynamic testing;

Testing with a Sample Pile — determination of the load-bearing capacity of a driven (production) friction pile subjected to compression, obtained from the soil testing with a sample pile;

Testing with a Probe Pile — determination of the load-bearing capacity of a driven (production) friction pile subjected to compression, obtained from the soil testing with a probe pile;

Cone Penetration Test — determination of the load-bearing capacity of a driven (production) friction pile subjected to compression, obtained from the cone penetration test.

The main window also contains a number of buttons which are common controls for all working modes. These include Exit, Settings, and Help buttons. The Help and Exit buttons perform functions common for a Windows application: providing reference information and finishing the current session respectively.

The Settings button invokes the Application Settings dialog box where you can customize the program.

The Menu button switches from any mode to the main window.