Calculation of coefficients of subgrade reaction for structures on elastic foundations

The software CROSS is intended to calculate coefficients of subgrade (soil) reaction to analyze substructures on elastic Winclaire foundations, using techniques of modeling a behavior of a multi-layered soil body. We assume that the build of the soil may be of arbitrary type, and it is to be found in the course of site investigations. The analysis technique is based on a method of sagging analysis that uses a multilayer summing with a structural strength of the soil taken into consideration. This method has been suggested by V.G.Fedorovsky (NIIOSP).
The subject of consideration is a construction site where a designed structure is to be erected and other objects may also be found (existing buildings, excavations) that can influence the structure of interest in the sense that loadings upon the soil caused by these objects may initiate sagging of the designed foundation structure. Also, it is assumed that results of site investigations are known, represented as data regarding soil properties in bored wells.

Graphical interactive tools of the software provide for creating any structural configurations on the construction site.

Information that describes bored wells and soil properties enables you to build a section of a soil body on your screen.

Results of the computation are values of soil reaction coefficients in any point of the foundation of the structure that is being designed.


The program works in the operating environment of Windows Vista/7/8/10. User dialogue techniques and controls are in complete compliance with this environment.

Help (Reference Information)

The program is provided with a detailed reference information (help system) which includes descriptions of the user interface and conventions for working with the application.