Determination of subsoil parameters of foundation slabs on the elastic subgrade

Cross enables to determine the subsoil parameters for the analysis of the foundation structures on the Winkler elastic subgrade based on the modeling of the behavior of a horizontally layered soil deposit. The geological structure of the soil deposit is assumed to be arbitrary and it is restored based on the data of the geological surveys.

The software considers a construction site where the designed structure is located together with other objects (existing buildings, excavations) that affect the main structure in the sense that loads upon the soil transferred by these objects may cause settlements of the designed foundation. It is also assumed that there are known results of geological surveys represented as information about properties of the soil in the drilled boreholes.

The results of the analysis are the values of the Winkler coefficient in any point of the foundation.


Cross functions under Windows operating environment. All the windows, dialog boxes and controls are fully consistent with this environment.

Help (Reference Information)

The program is provided with a detailed help which includes descriptions of the user interface and conventions for working with the application.