Calculation of loadings in compliance with SNiP "Loadings and influences"

The application WeST is intended for calculation of loads and loadings on buildings and structures according to SNiP 2.01.07-85*, SP 20.13330.2011, DBN B.1.2-2:2006.

Moreover, WeST plays somehow the role of a manual using which you can check for some data.

The following information modes are implemented in the application:

Density — information about density of various materials;

Map is used for the definition of the load parameters that depends on the geographic position;

Coefficients — information about loading safety factor.

The following working modes are implemented in the application:

Dead weight — this mode allow to calculate loading from the dead weight of multilayer packets;

Temporal loadings — definition of uniformly distributed temporal loadings (full and reduced values);

Wind — this mode is intendent for the calculation of static part of wind loading on the building of various configuration;

Snow — this mode allow to calculate snow loadings for the various buildings and structures according to the selected code;

Temperature — this mode aloow to calculate temperature loads.


WeST functions under Windows Vista/7/8/10 operating environment. User dialogue techniques and controls are organized in complete conformance to this environment.

Help (Reference information)

The application is provided with a detailed reference help which includes descriptions of the user interface and conventions of using the application.