Analysis of loads according to codes "Loads and Actions"

WeST enables to perform the analyses dealing with the determination of loads and actions on building structures in compliance with the recommendations of SNiP 2.01.07-85* “Loads and Actions”, KMK 2.01.07-96, SP 20.13330, SNiP 2.01.07-85 (Belarus), DBN B.1.2.2-2006, EN 1991.

The application handles only the most frequently occurring load cases, as well as those cases for which meeting the requirements of the design codes involves a complicated logic and which, as experience shows, often result in errors.

The reference modes include:

Density — reference data on the densities of the basic building materials;

Location — determination of the load parameters that depend on the geographic location of the construction site;

Coefficients — reference data on the values of the safety factor for load, γf;

Deflection Limits — reference data on the rated values of limit deflections and displacements;

Working Life (according to DBN) — reference data on the working life of buildings and engineering structures;

Traffic Loads — reference data on the vertical traffic loads according to SP 20.13330.


The design modes include:

Self-weight — determination of the load from the self-weight of a multilayer pack consisting from different materials per unit area;

Temporary Loads — determination of values of uniformly distributed temporary loads in various rooms in accordance with the instructions of SNiP, SP, KMK and DBN;

Wind — calculation of the static component of wind loads for the structures of various types;

Wind. Pulsations — calculation of the static component of wind loads for the rectangular in plan prismatic structures and determination of the dynamic amplification factor according to SNiP, KMK and SP;

Total Wind — calculation of wind loads with the account of the dynamic action of the pulsation component for vertical prismatic and cylindrical structures according to DBN;

Snow — calculation of the snow loads for the structures of various types specified in the codes;

Snow. Two-span Buildings — calculation of the snow loads for two-span buildings of various types specified in the codes;

Temperature — determination of the thermal actions;

Ice on Cables and Ropes — calculation of the loads from the ice weight and wind action on cables and ropes covered with ice.


WeST functions under Windows operating environment. All the windows, dialog boxes and controls are fully consistent with this environment.

Help (Reference information)

The application is provided with a detailed help which includes descriptions of the user interface and conventions of using the application.