Stability analysis of slopes

Slope enables to determine the factor of safety of a slope. The failure mechanism is assumed to be a slip of a soil mass with respect to a stable part of the slope. The shear resistance along the slip surface is calculated under static conditions. The Coulomb failure criterion is satisfied along the whole surface.

The actual shear stress obtained by the calculation is compared with the ultimate shear resistance, and the result of the comparison is expressed as a factor of safety K. The factor of safety of a slope is a minimum factor of safety for all potential slip surfaces which satisfy given restrictions defined by the method of analysis.

Initial data include:

  • sizes of the sliding soil mass;
  • depth of the tension crack (if the checkbox indicating the presence of a tension crack is checked);
  • soil properties;
  • position and characteristics of boreholes;
  • loads acting on a certain part of the slope.

A report in the RTF format can be generated with the results of the calculation.


SLOPE functions under Windows operating environment. All the windows, dialog boxes and controls are fully consistent with this environment.

Help (Reference information)

The application is provided with a detailed help which includes descriptions of the user interface and conventions of using the application.

Compliance with SNiP is confirmed by the certificate of Gosstroy of Russia.