Equivalent cross-section selection

Sezam enables you to find a section (a hollow section, an I-beam, a Tee section, or a channel) which approximates an arbitrary section set by the user according to its geometric properties the best. The initial section can be specified as a file created by Section Builder, Consul and Tonus, by the set of geometrical properties, or as a compound section from the set of prototypes given in the program (e.g. two channels, two I-beams, etc.).

The following properties are approximated for the given section: area, principal moments of inertia, moments of resistance. And the weight coefficients specified by the user are taken into account.


Sezam functions under Windows operating environment. All the windows, dialog boxes and controls are fully consistent with this environment.

Help (Reference information)

The application is provided with a detailed help which includes descriptions of the user interface and conventions of using the application.