A tool to find equivalent cross-sections

An arbitrary section at the best can be checked up on the strength according to the formulas given in the manual on strength of materials. But when the question is about the registration of elastoplastic stage of work, the checking of the flat form bending stability, the checking up on the buckling from the power plane or about other checks by norms, it appears that all the standardizing documents are directed toward the cross-sections forms only of certain types. Usually engineers use such method of approach – the strength is checked for a real cross-section and all the other checks are carried out for a «similar» section, the geometrical properties of which are selected according to the consideration of equivalence.

The equivalence is understood in the sense of the cross-section geometrical properties proximity (an area, moments of inertia, resisting moments, etc.). Sometimes in the process of reduction some additional considerations are used with the help of which the conception of equivalence itself can be defined more exactly. For example, it is achieved only the equation of inertia moments, if the stability checking has to be done only.

The Sezam program is intended for a section searching (in this version only a box, an I-beam or a channel), the most similar approximates the arbitrary section according to its geometrical properties having been set by a user.


SEZAM functions under Windows Vista/7/8/10 operating environment. User dialogue techniques and controls are organized in complete conformance to this environment.

Help (Reference information)

The application is provided with a detailed reference help which includes descriptions of the user interface and conventions of using the application.