Construction of any types of cross-sections and calculation of their geometric properties using a theory of thin-walled bars

The Tonus program is intended for creating arbitrary thin-wall sections (including open-closed), as well as calculating their geometric properties proceed from the thin-wall theory.

User interface allow to create cross-sections with very complex shape including holes, smoothed corners, etc.. There is import of cross-section shape from DXF and DWG files and parametric section.

For the cross-section being designed the following properties are determined: cross-section area, values of inertia momentum, inertia momentum for torsion, sectorial moment of inertia, shear centre; maximum and minimum section moduli, etc.

It is possible to view the flows of normal fileds.

Results of calculating geometry properties can be exported to the Structure CAD analysis pack (version 7.27 and higher)


The program works in the operating environment of Windows Vista/7/8/10. User dialogue techniques and controls are in complete compliance with this environment.

Help (Reference Information)

The program is provided with a detailed reference information (help system) which includes descriptions of the user interface and conventions for working with the application.

Verification examples